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Online Marketing PLan

Would you like me to design you a Personalised 12-Month Marketing Plan, For Free?

I've set out some time to help you, my community. Help you grow, get over your confusing & get super focused with your business. How do you do that? You analyse, strategise and plan. This is where I come in...

You & I will meet up using Zoom, and literally design a customised Marketing Plan, specifically for your business. 

Here's How It Works?
  1. We begin the work, even before we meet. 

  2. We will analyse you application, figure out what's missing from you current Digital Marketing and design a 12-Month Plan.

  3. All done in real time.

  4. Everything is done custom and is built specifically for your business, after we've had a chance to ask you about your current methods, goals and capabilities. 

What's the catch?

There is no catch.....

... Which of course leads you to wonder, "Why would you do all of this work for free?"

Well, to be honest... this is how I get clients.

A large percentage of my current clients, started this way, and ended up asking me for monthly support and help to implement the plan for then.

When that happens you have 1 of 2 option. 

  1. You take the plan and I support you with monthly consultation on how to implement the plan effectively and navigate any potential pitfalls OR

  2. You realise you do not have the capacity to implement it yourself and ask me and my team to build all the elements for you, implement the processes and connect all the technical pieces FOR you. 

There is my motivation for doing this..


  • Analysis of all current platforms

  • Workbook with over 20 pages

  • Action Steps to help you get clients today

  • 1 Week plan to implement all your learnings today.

  • Unlimited community support group


The 12 Month Plan I create for you is , for free, and I promise you it will be amazing and an absolute necessity in the way you run your business. 

I guarantee it.

I'll give you you my Beginners Business Blueprint Bundle worth $37 for FREE if you don't like it. 

Yup, if you don't like it, you tell me at anytime and I'll give you immediate access. No fine print.

I will create you an amazing Marketing Plan which you can start implementing immediately.

After that, if you want to become a client, GREAT, if not, NOT PRESSURE!

If you would like me to design you a personalised 12 Month Marketing Plan, for free, enter your name and email address below and lets get started. 


No Obligations


"I am so happy that I found Lindi! The one-on-one nature of training made me feel comfortable and focused.

5 starts all the way!"

—  Alessandra Milburn,

Business and Marketing Specialist,



In this Workshop



Target the right Target Market

Learn how to identify your target audience, narrow to your ideal customers in order to position each marketing offering towards the specific target market. 


Step-by-step I will help you create your audience persona, getting to know your customer as a person not only a lead. By using my unique worksheets and templates, you will set yourself up for massive success when marketing to your ideal customers online. 

Creating the perfect Persona Profiles

unique to your business


How to validate your Audience Persona and increase your revenue 

Get to know your customers, what they want, what they need and how to best position your offerings so that your customers will see, hear & listen when you speak. How they think and make a decision will help you give them what they want but also what they need.


How to speak so that YOUR audience will listen

I will teach you how to adapt your content and marketing strategy to ensure your audience will listen when you speak. They will view you as an industry expert. You already have everything you need to succeed, you just need to extract it.


Get confidence that your offer is aligned with the PERFECT audience!

Learn why you've been creating your offers all wrong. And I'll show you the right way to create the perfect offer for the perfect audience.


  • 1 x 45min Video Training

  • Workbook with over 20 pages

  • Action Steps to help you get clients today

  • 1 Week plan to implement all your learnings today.

  • Unlimited community support group


it's free

"I can easily say that Lindi's support has enabled me to grow my business already to double its size. And we have only scratched the surface of our plans so far."​

—  Afsheen Ismail-Wey

Director & Leadership Coach,

The Phoenix Coaching Co,



Do you want to grow your business and 

increase your client base?

If you feel frustrated, and struggling to increase your client base, you are at the right place. I have been where you are, right now.

You have identified your target audience and you market your products and services specifically for them, but still they don’t convert.

This workshop will change the way you think about your clients. It will give you an unfair advantage to how they think and make decisions, which will help you give them what they want but also what they need.

Join me in this workshop to learn what it takes to truly get in the minds of your audience.


"She goes out of her way to share her knowledge and skills helping others to better their business marketing strategies. She is amazing to work with and I am very happy to be on this journey with her."​

—  Jessica Klyszejko
Virtual Assistant and Digital Marketer,
Virtual Assist,
South Africa

Jessica Klysceiko image.jpg
Canva - White Ceramic Mug on White Table

a note from me

"Whenever I talk to a new client, this is the first problem we discuss, and I mean, the very first meeting. Yes, it is that important.
All the marketing and strategies in the world will not help you if you do not dig deep and get to the core of why your audience thinks and make decisions the way they do.

My goal for you? After this Workshop, you will never say “Online Marketing is not for me, and does not work for my business” Because the reality is, it can work for YOU. "


it's free

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