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10 Myths about "real" businesses

Go from idea to success by busting these myths and starting your own business!

You've been thinking about starting a business, right? You've read my blogs on how to start a business that fits into your lifestyle or minding your own business. And even the one I give you 6 reasons why you need an online business.

You might still be in the idea phase, or you might only be doing this on the side. Or maybe you want to get paid for a passion you have, now your question is.... "Lindi can I really call this a business? I love doing this as a hobby, can this be my business?" The answer is absolutely YES and yes you can make money and do something you love.

Let's busted some of these myths.

10 Myths about "real" businesses

1. You have to have a formal office

Nope not true, an online business is all online. I know of multi-million dollar entrepreneurs who still do not have an office. Maybe a home office, but not a formal 10 storey building with thousands of employees.

2. You need to work really really hard, all the time.

No you don't. You probably will, because it is your baby and you love to grow your business. You need to be passionate about what you do and spend time adding value to people's lives. The traditional long, hard working hours that one would think you need to build a business isn't necessary. You can work on your business when and where it suits you. That's the beauty of it.

3. Having your own business is a struggle

No it shouldn't be, you can do it because you enjoy it. It's not all about becoming rich, although that might be your dream. But it is about adding value. It's easier than you think. Google and all the international resources really makes things easy. You have everything you need at your finger tips. Now you need to decide whether you really want to do it or not.

4. You have to be an expert or have a degree in this topic

Do you check the degrees of everyone that you are accepting advice from? Hell no. You work with people you know, that you like and can trust. If people are coming to you for advice on anything, even if it is something like "How to keep your house plants alive", then you have something to share.

5. You can only start if you have loads of experience

You always need to be 2 steps ahead of the people you are helping. People are able to resonate with people that are ahead of them but you still need to be reasonably relatable. Don't get me wrong you can have loads of experience and be an expert but to be successful you do not have to. People take advice from people on how to start a business, how to make $1000 a month up to how to make $1 Million Dollars a month (yes I know right). Meaning someone is looking for your and your advice right now. Not because you have perfected it but you have done what they want to do.

6. Have loads of money to start is a necessity

Not necessarily. This will largely depends on what you want to do. But don't over complicate things. Start one step at a time. If you want to design a new product, see if you can do it yourself or get someone to help you. If you want to be a photographer, start by using your phone and online free resources.

It is more important to be resourceful than have endless resources.

Start by looking at what you have and write down 10 things you can do with what you have to make money. And start small, even if you only make $10. That is fine, because you will save that to buy that camera, and take the next step.

7. You need to have a business plan

Hell no. This is old school, with your mission and vision and projected sales. When you start out, you will probably be in survival mode. Start by looking only 1 step ahead. Getting one client, then two, then 3. Even if your first step is to get 1 free client, then do that. Build testimonials and resources. Remember... in order for you to make $10 000 you need to first be able to make a $100 and then $1000 then $2000.

8. You need a unique or new idea to start

Nope, wrong again. You just need to do it in 'your unique' way. Think about the amount of video's or books you have read over your life. People need to hear your message. The world needs 'your unique' perspective.

I can watch 10 video's on how to bake a cake and respect all of their opinions but chose to work with the 11th one I see. Why because people do business with people they resonate with, that they like and can trust.

9. Not anyone can start a business

NO, NO and NO!!! Anyone can start a business and I mean, ANYONE. You might not know everything, but you know what, that is exactly how everyone that has ever made it started. If you are reading this, chances are you have more than enough to get you started. You learn as you go and you start with what you know! If you have ever made any money, at all, you have the capacity of starting your own business. Still not convinced. Take my quiz here to find out if you have what it takes to start your own business. And read the resources I give at the end.

10. Spamming people is good marketing

This is such a big, big no-no. This is the biggest mistake a business can do especially a new business. You want to avoid doing this at all cost and besides it's wasting your time, you will never see results, just utter frustration. Rather focus your energy, time and money on building a positive brand, a honest business. People do business with people they trust and relate too. Don't irritate your audience, provide them with value and build that personal connection. Word of mouth will be your best marking tool in the beginning.

My last piece of advice:

If you are going to start your own business, you might as well do something you love. Why not start with what you are passionate about, what you enjoy spending your time on and go from there. My mom is nearing 70 years old and recently started making leather shoes and handbags. She loves and everyone else thinks it is gorgeous! Now that is never giving up!

Ps. Do you have something you are passionate about? Do you want to turn that into a business? Or you have started but are stuck? Contact me, email me or visit my website.

I might be able to help.

Ps Ps. Subscribe to keep up to date with all new blogs. If you prefer to listen you can subscribe to my podcast.

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