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6 Reasons you need an online business

I dabble in starting my own business since 2014. Bit here bit there. But when I moved to Dubai, I knew in my heart of hearts that this what I wanted to do. I felt the freedom. Being in a new country, all I knew was online. I did not know the people, the currency, or the language. I felt like there was not other choice.

I made the decision based on my comfort zone. But as the days went by, I just grew stronger and stronger in my decision. It became inevitable. Like "Yes of course I'm creating an online business. Why wouldn’t I?"

I have spend the last 5 years researching and learning almost everything there is to know about running an online business. (I'm saying almost, as their is probably someone inventing something new as we speak)

Everything from Online Courses, Workshops, Membership sites, Drop shipping, e-commerce, Amazon affiliate, Ads on blogs, Affiliate Marketing, Lead generations, and the list goes on. There are some many variations on each of these topics. People are making millions and millions on online business every single day. The biggest reasons? You can reach customers anywhere in the world, any time, with minimum effort.

6 Reasons (I can mention a 100 but we don't have all day) why you need an online business

1. It is the future

More and more business are doing business online, why is that? Because people see the benefits. They see all the factors that makes sense. In this day and age it is not a luxury to be online, it is becoming a necessity. Customers want ease of use, and if they can not find information about you, it means you are now frustrating them.

2. Less affected by external factors

World health pandemic? No problem. Most countries saw a massive increase in online sales. Believe me, I was one of them. Grocery stores close to us had a 2 week waiting period. Seriously? I don't even know what I am going to eat tonight never mind in 2 weeks.

3. Do business globally

You're able to use the exchange rate to your advantage. In the USA or Europe? No problem, you can use your money to pay quality freelancers to do work for you and pay them in their currencies for a premium service. You pay less and get more service. In a country where your currency is not as strong? Like South Africa? No problem, you sell your services or products in Euro's or Dollars and get paid more every time your currency weakens. That is more money for the same effort.

4. Less costly

You are able to pay freelancers only for what you need. No more paying staff pension, unemployment, insurance etc.

Less overheads means, less expenses, means, more sustainable, means less chance of you going under.

For the employee? They get to be their own boss, they can have multiple clients, work day and night if they choose, and stop taking clients when they feel they have reached capacity. Meaning they are in control of their earnings.

5. Professional

You are able to design a fancy website, have 10 email accounts, but still be a one man show. What customer service? Email Want accounts? Email In the end it is all the same. You run the show. You pay a freelancer to help you when you need them. Make sure you have a "+" in front of your number and a .com address and you can be doing business anywhere in the world.

6. Green

I did not realise how "green" I was becoming until I relocated to The Netherlands. Being an older country with certain procedures in place (and an older population) I get very very annoyed when I get snail mail. Which is almost every single day. Got a new bank account. Got 10 letters. I kid you not. Need to do tax returns. Got 5 letters in ONE DAY! I promise! It is crazy. After living in Dubai, everything is electronic. I lived their 4 years and I got 1 letter from the building management informing me about a fire drill. That was it. THAT WAS IT. I have not been here 1 year and I have filled 4 black bags with paper that has been tossed. And that is only mine, not my husbands or Malia's school letters. STOP WAISTING PAPER!

Online business means less paper, but also less driving, less paper coffee cups less take aways from the shop down the road. The list goes on.

If you have a brick and mortar business, you don't have to change your whole business model. But if you have learnt anything from 2020, it is that it pays to be diversified and you cannot afford not to add "online" to your portfolio.

It pays to be online. Get your butt into gear.

Ps. If you don't know how, let me know maybe I can help! Send me an email!

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