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Change your perspective, change your life!

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

I just got back from walking our dog Zoey in the rain. My hair is al mushy from the rain and my shoes full of mud.

If I was back in South Africa I wouldn't have done that. I mean I love my dog but nothing wrong with skipping the odd day here and there right? If we were back in Dubai, it gets really really, REALLY hot. So on some days she would go to doggy daycare to play with other dogs and burn off some of that extra energy. No forest walks there. But in the Netherlands? Here we walk, bike, run, boat or basically everything you use to do. Rain? What rain?

To give you some perspective, the 80 plus year old man, living around the corner, goes for a walk 3 times a day, EVERYDAY for about an hour. He has one of those walkers with the seats on if he has to stop and rest (but please note I have never seen him stop or even go at a snail speed. He takes his walks very serious.)

This is one example but the Dutch in general do not let the weather stop them. This had me thinking on perspective and how your perspective changes over time. The more you experience the more your perspective will change. Your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and life experiences influence your life. For me, moving across continents, twice, has made a massive difference to me. I have had experience with African Perspective, Middle Eastern views and European opinions.

What is perspective?

Your perspective would be your point of view. The way an object appears to you. Your point of view is influenced by your environment, your work and anything else like past experiences, education, values, culture, preconceived notions, and present circumstances. In the end, the perception you construct becomes your reality.

How does it impact your life?

Well it affects every single area of your life. If it's not as you want it to be, chances are it is your perspective. It is the things around you that influence your perspective. The important part is, you are the creator of your story, you're not a pawn on a chess board. Life does not simple happen to you. In 2015 I wrote an article on how The friends you keep have an impact on your success, and this still rings true.

How do I change it?

Change your routine - Do things a bit differently. Break your auto pilot mode. Let me give you an example. We have 2 routes to our house, one is through the neighbourhood, small streets, houses on top of each other. The one route is about 1 km longer but there is open spaces, loads of trees, horses on the left. You even see people riding their horses every now and then. This has a massive impact on my psychology. The one makes me feel good and the other feels dark and gloomy. I make a constant choice to choose the one that makes me feel good. That is worth the extra drive.

Own your power - Focus on what you can change in your life. Don't focus on Corona Virus, focus on how you can react to that. Start believing that things are happening for you not only to you. Start believing that you have the power to bring change to your life.

See things as you want them to be - You have the choice on what you want to see in life. You choose your outlook. Choose to look at your life from a point of gratitude or doom-and-gloom. Focussing on the things you want more of, instead of focussing on lack and what you miss in life.

Add people to your life with positive energy - Add people who will inspire, motivate and add positivity to your life. People that will bring light in your life. you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. It's important to choose the people you want to spend your time with.

Identify your beliefs, and change your story - This is a tough one because you don't even know you have them. Let me give you an example. "I will never be able to move oversees. I don't have the right job, or skills, my English sucks. I would love to travel but it is not for me. I'm not that lucky" Now make choice to change that. "I don't know how, but I want to move oversees, let me talk to John, they are planning on doing it, how are they doing it. What skills do I need to learn to do it? I will start doing English on Duo Lingo and practice with my friends to get better. Where there is a will there is a way." I can tell you that once you have changed your thoughts, moving oversees is not that hard. I know I will do it again. By making the choice things will start to shift and opportunities will start to appear. But you will need to take action. Start doing more things that and things that align with your new story.

Anything is possible is this world, anything. Well, except getting my daughter to eat all her veggies, that seems pretty impossible at this stage. But in all seriousness, you are a lot more powerful than you think.

Start believing in you and your power!

Ps. If you think you can put that super powers into good use and start a business, take my quiz to find out if you are ready!

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