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Do it NOW or it will not get done.

During the final months of 2022 I saw a video on Instagram and it intrigued me immensely. You know those kinds of video's that you still think about, days and weeks to follow. It had a nice background of a girl in nature, the kind that makes you doubt your day-to-day city living.

The girl was talking about her commitment to do something new or daring everyday for the next 365 days.

This got me thinking. What can I do? Every day after that I thought "does this count", "how about that", "what can I do tomorrow". Very quickly I realised that this is a very tall order. "Something daring EVERY DAY?" Really is that possible? Does she even have a day job?

Today I decided that "something daring" does not necessarily mean something different every day.

Today I decided to jump in and make it happen. Just do it, like Nike would say. Well here I am 1/365

I have found immense benefit from journaling in the past, and decided instead of doing it only for myself, this will be my daily daring act. Showing up and bring my thoughts to the world.

What I have to say, does matter, my thoughts have power, my ideas can also be impactful! This is not only reserved for the well known, but it is the duty of the everyday person.

I'm committing to post something everyday for the next year, 365 days.

This will be some form of journal entry; question I've been thinking about or profound learning. Who knows. What I do know is, this will be a commitment from me to be more visible. Let myself be seen. Stop being scared of criticism, what others might think or say. But a commitment from myself to "SHOW UP"

In terms of the "how". I have no plan... yet. No structure. (I will probably create a plan and schedule it in my calendar, what every it takes to keep going) But today, getting started consisted of it being messy, ugly, unstructured.

How many times have you postponed doing something? Maybe because it is scary? You think you will do it later? (Hahaha who are you kidding?) You convince yourself you need it do be perfect otherwise you can't do it.

Well today I will tell you to use a quick tip from Mel Robbins. Count to 5 and just do it. Do it messy, do it imperfect, do it with all the resistance. Do it despite the hesitation. Fix it later, improve it as you go. BUT JUST BLOODY HELL DO IT!

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