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Self-care is Super important! The 1 Tip I missed!

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Let me start off by saying; I’ve had a tough week. Mentally and Physically , but more mentally. I have set deadlines for myself which I have not met. I’ve been working crazy hard on my business, and not seen the results I wanted. It’s important to note, I have seen major results in other areas which I did not expect.

What is it about our own deadlines?

They are much worse than the ones our boss or other people set for us. We are so damn hard on ourselves.

I have gone back to my 30day Self-Care challenge.

I walk,

I eat healthy food,

I do something I enjoy,

I listen to good music,

I do an impromptu kitchen dance session, and still I feel drained…. SERIOUSLY!! I should be feeling better right?

The only thing that is NOT on my 30day Self-Care Challenge, is “Chill Chick, you can’t rush this!”

Your body AND mind takes as long as it needs to take. You can sleep 8 hours a night, do everything you’re suppose to do and still not feel better. You know what, sometimes you need to be patient and just BE. Be at peace with your life, sit back and be extremely grateful for what you have and what you have achieved. Sometimes we need to look back at what we have done. Look at your present and what you’ve got. Only then will the fog clear on where you need to go.

You are going through major world life changes. You have uncertainty in your work, business, health, finances or family. Everything that you knew to be true seems to be turned on its head.

If you’re anything like me, you know that the world does not stop for your problems and diss-ease.

Kids still need to get fed.

Dog still needs a walk.

You still need to make breakfast.

House needs cleaning, again, and the DAMN dishwasher needs unpacking… (again? I swear I just did it!)

Sometimes it's ok to do the bare minimum. Although that goes against every fibre of your being. Sometimes you need to lie on the couch and watch a romantic comedy. Play with your kids without thinking about work. Go to bed at 8pm while it is still light outside. Or eat chocolate for breakfast, I mean you're an adult you know, there is NO hard and fast rule that says you can’t)

You can be your own hero but also your own worst enemy. Be kind to yourself, chill, be patient. Work hard, and if you can’t work hard today then rest and work hard tomorrow.

This is your challenge this week. Chill Chick!

Ps. Don’t procrastinate on this one, you’re the most important thing in YOUR life! Click here!

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