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Start with your client

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

When people start their own businesses they start from the complete wrong angle.

They sit and think, and think and think some more…. “What can I do? What do I have to offer? What skills do I have to make this work? What product or service can I design?”

All of these questions are very valid but pretty useless without the people you are doing it for.

Don't get me wrong starting with you is important, it is important to know what you like, dislike find passionate and have skill to do. BUT what if you have that figured out and start marketing and nothing... Absolute crickets, you do marketing and no one is showing up? Does that mean you idea is wrong or just the people you are doing it for?

Let’s take a Children’s Party Planner for example.

What can I do?

Create and host children’s parties.

What do I have to offer?

Planning skills, creativity, contacts in the industry.

What skills do I have to make this work?

Party planning, time management, budget management

What product or service can I design?

Plan a party DIY Kit, or consulting sessions to plan it for them.

Your ad would look something like this:

“I’m a party planner with 10 years’ experience, I host the best parties at the best price. Book now to give your kids the best birthday party”

Great and dandy. This ad is all about you and nothing about your client and what they need. What if I told you, ideas, skills, and products are EVERYWHERE! Chances are whatever you want to do have already been done before.

What if I told you, you do not need to have the best product of service on the market? You do not even need the skills. What would you say to that? Lindi wouldn’t I be a fraud? Well no, you are the only one focusing on that. You do not need a doctors degree in a subject to be able to help other people with your ideas, services or product.

Before you go to McDonalds, do you ask for their resume and how long they have been making burgers? No you do not. Do you think McDonalds were the first to design a burger and sell it? No.

When you buy jewellery at the corner shop at the Saturday flee market, do you know the quality string they use or the degree in jewellery design she has. Nooo!!

Why does this not matter? Because you buy from the heart. You buy from them because you like the product, they made something that appealed to you and you spent your hard earned money on it.

You want to be a children’s Party Planner, instead try this.

“I want to be a party planner for children’s birthday parties.

Who would I serve?


Who arranges their parties?


Why would they want to pay a party planner?

They are busy moms and want the best for their kids, they want a party their kids, family and friend will enjoy without the hassle of arranging a party.

What do busy, high class, high earning moms need from a children’s party planner?

Someone that will take all the stress away from planning and make them feel good about the party that they are hosting.

Instead your ad should read something like this.

“You have a special someone’s birthday coming up right? Because you’re a busy mom doesn’t mean your kids party should be any less special. We will take the stress away and host a party that will make your friends say “how did she do that?”

You always need to be focused on your customer and what problems you can be solving for them.

You need to focus on your customer first. Focus on WHO you want to serve even before you have a product. Why? Because from the get go you need to connect with the need they have. You need to connect with the reason why you are doing it and the value you will add to their lives. When Coca Cola does an ad do they tell you all the features of the product and what you will gain? No, they market the feeling you will get when you use their product, the emotional value it will add.

Doing it this way around, means you are avoiding MONTHS maybe even years of feeling frustrated because no one wants to buy from you. Avoid throwing yourself at people all while holding a banner above your head saying, “buy my product”.

This is old sleazy marketing; you don’t want to be doing that. It is hard work, embarrassing and plain tiresome. You want people to come to you saying, “Wow, I love your stuff and would love to work with you”

If you take one thing away from this blog it would be this; START WITH YOUR CUSTOMER.

Ask yourself WHAT DO THEY WANT?



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