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What content should I have ready before creating my website?

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Creating your website is a massive decision. Well done for even considering it, that means you want to be part of the big leagues. You want to take your business to the next level. You probably started this venture not because you are a web designer or graphics guru. You started this because you have an absolute passion for what you do, whether that be a business coach, selling green tea or having a designer boutique. You want to focus on your passions but in this day and age, online marketing is essential. You need to have a website, social media and an email list if you are serious about growing your business and getting more clients. Okey okey, I will start a website I hear you say. Please read my blog to make sure you really need a website and what it will cost you. Before you really commit make sure you know what it will cost you to get a website up and running. Once you have read my previous pieces and you still go full steam ahead we need to get you ready BEFORE jumping in head first. 1. Write your framework For example, you are a Business Coach, your ideal clients are high-level executives looking to improving their careers. 1. Home Page 2. About us 3. Coaching solutions 3.1 Leadership management 3.2 Career growth 3.3 Team Cohesiveness 4. Contact us 2. Items to have ready: - Your email address - Domain name - Descriptions of each page, and images 3. Images / videos  - Have professional pictures taken or - Use stock images (do not steal, you can buy them or use a website like 4. Logos  - Design your own using or - get a professional designer. Do ask for referrals or use a website like Fiverr, where you can choose someone with good ratings. 5. Headlines and subheadings This will be easier and clear once you have your framework. 6. Content Copywriting Open a Word document and add the headlines for each website page on the top. Make sure to write out all the content you want to be available on the site. Main page (home), about us page, contact us page, products or services, testimonials, prices or rates, any PDF documents that they can print or download. 7. Testimonials This is one of the most important aspects of your website. Please value what other people say and more importantly how they experienced working with you. 8. Links of websites you like and highlighting specific aspects Do your research! This does not mean you want everything the exact same way or just copy their work. But you need to have an idea of what you want and more importantly for your designer to know what you like and dislike. Go through your Website framework and add links to each of things you like or dislike. It can be anything from to specific boxes, font, or colours. I would suggest, whether you create your own website, or hire a designer; complete all the tasks 1-8 before even contacting them. This is the heavy lifting. This can take, weeks, even longer depending on your level of time commitment. Once this is done, this will ensure quick and efficient work from your designer or designing it yourself. If you have to create content as you create your site it becomes overwhelming and that is the quickest way to quit. Be sure to spend time getting this right. Your website should be for your customers, not only what you like, but what THEY would like. Make sure to enlighten them and show then what you are all about. Bye, Lindi Ps. If you can not wait for all the amazing new content coming this month, go check out my podcast and blog with the rest of my content.

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