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Mind your own Business

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

The reason I started my business and why your should start yours today.

Minding your own business might have different connotation to you than to the person next you. I use to know this phrase as a term to say that people should mind their own affairs and not butt into other peoples problems. "Keep your nose out of other people's business." This is a phrase I heard quite a bit growing up. This was meant in a very loving and enduring way. Every household has their own problems and we should not interfere. Stay in your lane. Keep to yourself and don't be noisy.

Wow I have never typed a paragraph while hearing so many people's voices in my head. My dad, my mom, my gran, my neighbours, and even friends.

But today I'm here to butt into your business. I'm here to talk to you about a very sensitive topic and you might feel like shouting at me, "Butt off and mind your own damn business." Whether you do that or not is ok. Please read to the end and just hear me out, whether you agree or not.

Around 2016 I read this phrase in a book and in an instant the meaning changed completely. I was apprehensive at first, didn’t like what I read but kept going in anyway.

I was reading Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad Poor Dad and he used this phrase. His meaning was different and his lesson was profound.

We all need to "Mind our own business" meaning we cannot be dependent on government to support us. We cannot be dependent on family to take care of us We cannot look at employers to keep taking care of us. Whether we like it not, no matter what your background, your story, your circumstances. You are responsible for you! You are not what happened to you. The only way your story changes is if you make a change. You need to take control of your life and stop blaming external factors.

If there was ever a time in the world where this started to ring true for people it was now. I bet in 2019 you never asked yourself "If a health pandemic were to hit the world, would my job be save?" "If I were to loose my job tomorrow, would I still have money?" "If I were to get a divorce in a years time would I still be able to take care of my kids?" "Am I depending on anyone other than myself for the money I earn?"

Today I'm here to tell you, YOU NEED TO MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

What I'm saying is, you need to have a plan to generate your own income that is not dependent on government, your partner or an employer. I'm not saying you need to contemplate world domination and create this empire business. But you need to have a plan to take care of yourself. When I started to change my perspective, everything started to change. I was use to living in a country where debt was the norm and banks, shops and any institution possible of lending money would throw themselves at you. It seemed normal to go from one job, work yourself up. I came from a family where my dad worked for 1 company his whole like and retired. I did not come from a family where you start your own business. Stable is considered good. Large international firm is considered good. Loads of degrees is considered good.

With this in mind I considered spending my life in corporate in working myself up the ladder. After moving to Dubai, my perspective started

to change and wanted more freedom.

This is me recording one of my very first social media video's which I never published because "my voice sounds funny", "I don't look right", and "What would people think"

I quickly learned it's not good enough to say, but I'm not business savvy. I don't have any skills. I don't have anything to offer.

I'm telling you now that if we were to have a 30min conversation we would be able to pin point at least 5 ways you could make money with the skills you have. Starting today. And if you can ask Google to "do a barrel roll" (seriously try it) you can search your way into starting a money making business.

"But I love my job" great! You are one of the few, what are you doing on the side? What if your company were to close down and leave you without a job?

"But I don't have time" Do you think you would make time if the food on your table depended on it?

We live in a very uncertain time. With that said, there is no better time to work on something that you love, create value for the world and make sure that if anything goes south, you are not dependent on anyone for an income.

After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, I decided the following:

1. I wanted to have my own business (although I did try my hand at it a few times before and quite)

2. I decided that I do not want to be dependant on an employers schedule to tell me when I can go on holiday and when not and

3. If anything were to happen, I want to be able to scale my income depending on my needs not be stuck and working 9-5 to make someone else rich without the option of doing more if I wanted to.

4. Being able to spend time with my daughter and family

5. Sharing my skills with the world and at least having the option of reaching my potential. This is not even an option if I work for someone else.

Lastly I started my business for freedom. Freedom of time, freedom of creating my own money (and deciding what that cap is) and freedom of choice on what I spend my very valuable time on.

I have struggled with consistency, I have been through rough times. But I know that I am strong enough and that in the end I am responsible for my own success. If I never stop I will never fail. This is such an empowering space to be in. Know that I am responsible for my life's outcome. I am minding my own business, and helping others do the same.

Make sure to mind your own business and spend your time on what matters most.

Take care,

PS. If you want to know if you are ready to start your own business, take my quiz. I have a reading list and action tips to help you today.

If you don't know what you want to do and would like to have a virtual cup of coffee and brainstorm ideas, I'm happy to help! Click here to book.

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